About us

                      Strevininkai Social care home is a budget institution financed by the state and municipal budgets of the Republic of Lithuania. Other funds received in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts may be used to finance the care home.

The purpose of the Strevininkai  Social care home is to ensure long-term (short-term) social care for the disabled, for which they can not live independently, use the services of another community and require constant supervision of specialists.

People accommodated in a care home,  who have a level of work capacity of 0-40% due to mental illness or mental disorders, a special need for permanent nursing or continuous care (assistance) or a level of special or high level special needs have been established.

The care home is a public legal entity with a bank account and a stamp.

Strevininkai  care home  address:  Mokyklos g. 46, Muro Strevininkai  village, Ziezmariu sen., Kaisiadorys district, Republic of Lithuania.

The homeowner is the state. The rights and duties of the owner of the home-grown home are implemented by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor.

The planned population for 2017, at Strevininkai social care home -208 person.

Our Values:

- respect for man, human rights;

- dignity;

- sacrifice;

- love to a loved one;

- patience.

The mission is a dignified and safe environment for people with mind and mental disabilities.


- open institution for change;

- constantly learning;

- targeting and planning for innovation;

- systematically observe and evaluate the process of social rehabilitation and the quality of the results;

- providing care for the quality of the needs, interests, needs of the home residents;

- creating and maintaining a positive social rehabilitation environment;

- sufficiently provided with resources;

- Ensuring the security of community members.

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